Bring Arts Final Fantasy Creatures: Odin

Square Enix

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From Square Enix. The legion of summons are an indispensable presence in the Final Fantasy series. Now, under the artistic direction of sculptor Takayuki Takeya, Creatures Bring Arts presents one of the most remarkable, the demonic knight Odin and his mighty steed, Slepnir! Inspired by the summon's appearance in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Odin comes with both his scimitar and his lance, Gungnir. Impressive in scale and majestic in appearance, this imposing figure boasts intricately detailed hands, feet, and face, meticulous construction, and subtle color gradation. Fully-articulated joints on both Odin and Slepnir allow for a wide range of poses, including mounting Odin atop his demonic steed!

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