Figure-Rise Dragon Ball Z Android #17 Standard Model Kit


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From Bandai Hobby. The infamous Androids are about to awaken! Coming to Figure-rise Standard: the Android series is about to launch! Muscles may be  irrelevant to Androids, but instead of muscles, these Androids pack a secret: bombs! With this model kit, users can enjoy the unique experience of creating internal bombs. Of course, the Androids can also be assembled without using the bomb parts for a "bomb-free" construction! Wielding an abundance of option parts, Android #17's Barrier and Kikoha effect parts are created using clear parts and her signature Handgun and Gun-wielding hand is also included! Android #18 is outstandingly moveable and can recreate the femininity she had shown in the anime! Utilize the Androids' wide range of motion to recreate scenes from the anime!

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